5 Best Careers If You Want To Help Other People

Is your workplace stressful? Do you feel surrounded by negativity and competitiveness? Are you tired of the rat race and its emphasis on profits over purpose? If so, you may want to consider a career with a focus on community. Research shows that helping other people and giving of oneself results in a happier career and personal life. Switching jobs can be an opportunity for you to reevaluate what is important to you and to find purpose and meaning in your work. 

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How helping others can help your career

Choosing what is right for you, what you can put love and care into doing, can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your livelihood. To find meaning in your work, you must strike a balance between investing in the wellbeing of others while also prioritizing your interests and needs. 

There are a variety of careers that emphasize service to people in the community. Some career fields involve directly working with others, while others focus on assisting individuals through advocacy and research. Regardless of the way a career lets you put others first, you will receive mental health benefits from this type of work. 

The wrong job or a negative working environment can be a contributing factor to an employee’s mental health issues. Changing careers and entering a field that focuses on improving lives in your community can help your wellbeing and professional outlook. Making the action of helping others in some way or form as your professional purpose will result in increased happiness, mood, and self-esteem.

The 5 best careers to help other people

While many career fields provide the opportunity to work with and for others, here are five that offer purpose and flexibility for people switching careers.

1. Life Coach

As a life coach, you build confidential relationships with clients and develop meaningful professional and life goals for them. Life coaches then guide their clients in pursuit of their specific dreams. Through the traits of guidance, improvement, and empowerment, a life coach supports clients along their respective journeys and holds them accountable for their progress. There are many types of life coaching, including executive business, relationship, spiritual, recovery, career, and financial, amongst others. 

Life coaches positively change a client’s life, and by doing so, also improve their own. Self-reflection and professional development are means that life coaches engage in regularly to enhance their skills. While success is dependent upon how hard a client is willing to work, being a life coach can be a life-changing moment for you and the people you help.

2. Personal Trainer

For many people, the first step toward improving their self-esteem is engaging in an exercise regimen. A personal trainer’s job is to create a program and assist clients in achieving their personal physical goals. The trainer is responsible for developing realistic, achievable short and long-term goals, educating clients on how to exercise appropriately and safely, and advising them on lifestyle and nutritional changes necessary for success.

A personal trainer not only sees the physical and mental transformation of their clients, but also knows that they contributed to that positive change. If you enjoy working with people and you want to be inspired by your clients, consider a career as a personal trainer.

3. Mediator

In an increasingly litigious society, mediation has become a less expensive and timely way of settling disputes, be they commercial, personal, or corporate. Mediators must enjoy problem-solving and resolving thorny and private issues to the satisfaction of multiple parties. Confidentiality, honesty, excellent communication skills, and a sense of neutrality are essential traits of a successful mediator. 

Mediators can work in various sectors, including education, business, management, counselling, sales and law enforcement. This field is a perfect fit for individuals who want to craft their job towards their passions and interests while making a difference in the lives of others.

4. Teacher’s Aide

A teacher’s aide plays a vital role in assisting teachers in the classroom. They learn from and work with teachers in designing a successful, safe, and fun learning environment for students of all ages. As a teacher’s aide, you will positively impact the lives of hundreds of children. In the classroom, an aide may be responsible for helping students with lessons and offering support to teachers. Other responsibilities may involve reviewing lessons, recording grades, supervising recess or lunch, and clerical duties.

In the life of a teacher’s aide, every school day is spent helping others, both the students and the teacher you work alongside. You will be valued and appreciated by your colleagues and students, and each day will be motivating for you.

5. Beauty Therapist

Beauty therapists are all about making people look and feel their best. Creative types thrive in this field, which includes far more than just makeup application: it also involves skin therapy, remedial camouflage, spa treatments, relaxation techniques, and manicure and pedicure services. With an increased emphasis on personal care and wellness, beauty therapists positions are expected to be in demand for years to come.

If you’re looking to make a difference in people’s lives, consider becoming a beauty therapist. You can have a significant impact on someone’s confidence and attitude toward life. In return, you will have purpose in what you do each day.

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