5 Secure Career Paths for Creative People

If you are a creative person who wants a career that revolves around your talents, you are likely to have heard that creative employment leads to the fate of a starving artist. Unfortunately, this misinformed idea leads many creative persons to think that they must choose between a professional career that allows for creativity or a job that stifles creativity to make a living. In fact, it is entirely possible to channel your creative energies into a secure career path that can satisfy both your economic and professional needs.

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Creative careers don’t result in job insecurity

Creativity is highly prized in every industry, so a career that revolves primarily around this trait doesn’t necessarily lead to job insecurity. You are not condemned to a life of poverty because you want to combine your creative instincts with your professional career. Some of the most lucrative and lengthy careers are in fields that rely entirely on creativity, such as advertising and marketing, journalism, and photography.

Creative people are often innovative, enthusiastic, dedicated, passionate, and excellent problem-solvers; all of these qualities are in-demand by employers. With some creativity and research, you can find a career path that lets you put your skills to work.

What struggles are associated with creative fields?

People in creative fields and the gig economy face significant struggles from advancements in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) and a lack of fair salary and job security. AI and workforce automation continue to replace people’s jobs in a variety of industries. Jobs in the gig economy, such as delivery drivers and dog walkers, may provide flexibility, but they are short-term, temporary positions that are either feast or famine.

However, if you’re someone who wants a creative career, you can secure employment by developing and enhancing your creative skills. Genuine creativity, qualities that at this time robots cannot produce, is the key to job resiliency in the future. Creative types tend to have empathy, compassion, and problem-solving skills. These skills are precisely the qualities that can secure your career path as a creative individual.

5 creative and secure career paths for creative people

There are a variety of creative career paths that can provide secure future employment. Many of these positions also offer the flexibility of self-employment, which can provide additional job security features.

1. Event management

In event management, your creative talents can shine in a field that is predicted to grow within the next decade. This field is never dull, and your creativity will be called upon for a range of events from wedding planning to fundraisers to conferences and cultural events. Creativity is a must for success in this field, especially in regards to brainstorming and problem-solving. Regardless of how the world changes, events, whether in-person or virtual, will always be in demand. A career in event management is secure and allows creatives to use their talents in numerous ways.

2. Landscaping

A career in landscaping can span a range of creative areas from design to implementation. This versatile field is ideal for creative persons who enjoy planning and designing via computer programming or for individuals who enjoy executing plans and bringing the designs to life in parks, around businesses, and for homeowners’ properties.

With a new emphasis on eco-friendly landscaping planning, problem-solving skills, management, and maintenance experience, landscaping is ideal for the creative individual who wants job security or who would like to go into business for themselves.

3. Web design

Technology is a permanent part of people’s daily lives, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. Perhaps one of the most needed and secure jobs for creatives is web design. With more retail stores, businesses, and startups looking to sell their brand to the world, talented and creative web designers are needed to design and develop websites.

Web designers can specialise in particular areas, such as computer programming, scripting, operating, or marketing and e-commerce. If you are looking for a career field that allows you to work as a freelancer or as a business owner, consider web design as a way to achieve job security without sacrificing your creative skills.

4. Marketing

One highlight of a marketing career is that you can exercise your creative skills while building the experience and flexibility you need to remain relevant in this field. Analytical creatives thrive in marketing jobs because the companies that hire them require employees who can mine data, analyse it efficiently and effectively, and present that information in a way that benefits the company’s goals or mission.

Researching, understanding, and challenging the dynamics of the marketing world are skills in high demand in every company. Additionally, more experience can lead you to management or director positions and help you remain an attractive prospect no matter where you work.

5. Advertising

Like marketing and web design, advertising allows employees to combine their creative passions with a purpose. From digital media to more traditional forms of advertising, such as television and print media, advertising involves more than just selling a product; it also includes public relation market research, creation of advertising campaigns, and brand consultancy.

Whether you enjoy developing ideas and strategies, researching the best places for advertising products, or producing the creative components, the advertising career field is one that provides security and the chance for advancement. Copywriting, media planning, account management, and art director are just a few of the many ways you can combine your creative needs with a stable career.

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