8 Careers if You Want to be Your Own Boss

A stay-at-home career was once considered an impossible dream; however, now there are more opportunities for people to establish careers and start businesses from the comfort of their spare bedroom than ever before. If you want to be your own boss, the good news is there are many fields out there that are profitable, due to advancements in technology and social media. Those tech advancements also make it easier for people to start small businesses with information and paperwork readily available online.

In Britain, the movement toward remote work and home businesses has increased. According to the Office of National Statistics, by 2020, nearly 50% of the UK workforce is expected to work from home. If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur and building your business from your home base, here are eight career fields to consider where you can be the boss and have a fulfilling career.

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1. Makeup artist

Makeup artists do far more than just create pretty faces. They engage in beauty therapy for their clients. Beauty therapy can cover a wide variety of procedures from therapeutic skin treatments to remedial camouflage techniques to basic improved grooming. As a freelance makeup artist, you can build your business from home. Setting your own schedule allows an incredible level of flexibility as well as more time for creativity, such as creating your product line.

The makeup artist at home can have their own studio and cater to various clientele. Whether you’re giving a client a makeover or preparing a wedding party for the big day, working from home will allow you to be creative and enjoy your career.

2. Hairdresser

Hairdressers can work from home and reap the benefits of having a job that helps clientele feel better about themselves. As a hairstylist, you need a measured balance of skills and knowledge to give your clients the confidence they want, from working with an array of personalities to an understanding of current cultural styles.

Freelance hairdressers can do more than just style clients’ hair from home. They can also work as a salon consultant or become an online college-based instructorand share their knowledge and skills with future hairstylists. An exciting industry, hairdressing gives a stylist plenty of options to work from home.

3. Massage Therapist

One of the most popular self-employment options is becoming a massage therapist. As a masseuse, you can work from home in a studio where you put your skills to work to help clients feel better from the outside in. From pain management to increased flexibility to better sleep and circulation, massage therapy is backed by medical research and in high demand amongst patients in discomfort and pain who are seeking alternative health treatment.

For the at-home masseuse, you have the freedom and flexibility of determining your schedule. Massage therapy is a highly profitable field as well, with many therapists earning upward of £33.00 an hour.

4. Writer

In a world dominated by breaking news in various formats of digital communication, freelance writers are in more demand than ever. Journalists who write news articles and freelancers who create marketing and advertising content are often hired through outsourcing platforms to complete writing projects. While writing experience is desired, it isn’t necessary to begin your writing career from home.

Freelance writers and journalists can work from home and write articles for people and places all around the world. Many writers earn hundreds of dollars per project or article, especially those who have built up a portfolio of published work.

5. Life Coach

If you want to inspire people to be the best person they can be and you can envision helping people to achieve their dreams, then being a life coach might be the career for you. Life coaches help clients in a variety of ways, including improving their career growth and development, finding personal happiness and fulfilment, and becoming more effective leaders in their careers.

As a life coach, you can meet with clients or coaching groups online using various video and audio platforms. Encouraging and guiding the client as well as creating achievable goals for them can be done online or in-person should you choose to use part of your home as a coaching office.

6. Florist

You’re artistic and creative and have a love for flowers. A career at home as a florist may be the right calling for you. Larger floristry shops are often picked over or too busy or expensive. Smaller floristry businesses in shops or out of a home can quickly build a loyal clientele if they provide creative arrangements, an owner with a personable touch, and reasonable prices.

As a freelance florist, you can set your schedule and hours, but you may have to keep longer hours on certain holidays or for scheduled events such as weddings or funerals. If you have self-discipline, organisational skills, and a flair for the floral, you can build a successful career from home as a florist.

7. Image consultant

Image consultants, or personal stylists, work with clients to update and enhance their current look via their clothing. The consultant finds suitable dress and accessories to compliment the client’s features, skin tones, and stylistic purpose.

From home, an image consultant can accept clients, conduct interviews with them, and devise stylistic strategies to update their look. Many consultants will shop online for appropriate clothing for clients and conference with them about their selections. Through personal shopping and advice, an image consultant can help change a person’s entire attitude toward themselves.

8. Fashion stylist

If your dreams lie beyond personal styling, then becoming a fashion stylist may be the exciting career you’re looking for. As a fashion stylist, you can work from home and establish your business by performing editorial styling for fashion magazines, blog about current and future fashion trends, or become a fashion photographer.

Although formal training is not necessary to be a fashion stylist, knowledge and education combined with experience will give you an advantage in the competitive fashion industry.

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