Top Reasons to Choose a Career in Catering

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Not your regular 9-5 job

Variety is the spice of life. How mechanical could life be than waking up the same time every day, grabbing your bite of breakfast on the go, all dressed up in a suit, and sitting in front of the computer all day, dealing with machines in closed workspaces with little scope to move around?

Fitness at work is a key challenge for the current generation of employees who tend to be glued to their seats for a significant part of their workday – this, despite the fact that physical activity is known to prevent health conditions such as heart diseases, cancer, stroke and diabetes.

A career in catering is anything but mechanical. You deal with people rather than machines – and you deal with different people, with ample opportunity to make them happier with your skills and make their days better. Your responsibilities involve much more than just one set of routines every day, always on the move and being physically active for a healthier you.

Open the doors to a world of opportunities

The world is made up of connoisseurs who appreciate good food that satisfies the palate. Naturally, a career in catering opens the door to a world of opportunities for you to explore.

When you gain formal qualifications in catering, you essentially get the keys to travel the world, with expert knowledge and skills to cater to multiple cultures and knowledge of world cuisines. The skills that you learn are transferable, which means that you would be able to employ the skills across cultures and countries. Every country has its own thriving catering and hospitality industry, and it pays to leverage your skills to explore the world on your own terms.

Learn Teamwork

Organisations value employees who are able and willing to be part of teams. Successful organisations are the ones who are able to exploit the power of teamwork to gain competitive advantage in their industries, and being a team player is a valuable asset to your prospective employer.

A career in catering is all about teams. It takes immaculate coordination, communication, and teamwork to get the right ingredients from the farm on to the table. You would learn the nuances of working with others, communicating with your teammates, and manage conflicts as they arise. You get to work with people from various cultures and backgrounds, which would open your mind to new ideas and realities, making you a better person and a cultured professional. You would develop the virtues of respect, tolerance and empathy, even as you develop patience and perseverance to deal with customers and work with your teams.

Being a team person can take you places and open the door to new opportunities in organisations in the domestic and international markets. A career in catering makes a better person out of you, cultivating the right habits and qualities that are an organisation’s assets.

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Gladys Mae

Gladys is the Associate Director of Admissions & Student Services with over 10 years of experience at the International Career Institute.