9 Tips for Securing the Job of Your Dreams

ICI UK - Tips-for-Securing-the-Job-of-Your-Dreams

For some, a job is merely a source of income and a way to pay the bills. They treat their work and their dreams as two completely separate things. But why? Doesn’t it make sense to try and merge the two? You might think chasing your dream job is out of ...Read more

9 Careers That Won’t Trap You in an Office

ICI UK - Careers That Wont Trap You in an Office

Image via G Adventures If the idea of being trapped in an office from 9-5 is something you find to be completely intolerable, we’ve got some good news for you: there are plenty of well-paid jobs out there that don’t require you to sit between the conf...Read more

Top 10 Highest Paying Industries for Apprenticeships

With National Apprenticeship Week in full swing, almost 8,400 apprenticeship positions are currently up for grabs, according to new research by job search-engine Adzuna. But which sectors pay their trainee’s the most? Legal apprenticeships offer the...Read more

12 Information Retention Tips to Help You Study

ICI UK - Retention Tips to Help You Study

Memory makes a fundamental contribution to your overall study experience. Without memory, retaining information can be very difficult, if not impossible. Human memory is often likened to that of a computer memory system or filing cabinet. The reality is, ...Read more

10 Tips for Acquiring a Successful Career in Marketing

ICI UK - Acquiring a Successful Career in Marketing

As defined by the The Chartered Institute of Marketing, marketing is “ Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.” The marketing industry is based on the idea of ‘go...Read more

Looking at the UK Job Market In 2018

Ici - UK Job Market In 2018 (2)

Looking for some good news to start the New Year? A new study by not-for-profit member organisation, The Institute of Student Employers (ISE), claims that the graduate jobs market is expected to strengthen in 2018. Top jobs for graduates include: Data ana...Read more

11 Essential Marketing Tips And Tricks For Freelance Photographers

ICI UK - Tips And Tricks For Freelance Photographers (2)

As a freelance photographer you have more freedom to pick and choose the projects you work on. However you’re also responsible for your finding your own work. That means building networks, getting referrals and always putting your best foot forward. In ...Read more

Why Working in Sports Management is the Perfect Career for Sports Enthusiasts


Sports management is a title that seems very narrow at first examination, but in actuality has a huge, diverse industry representing all levels of sports in a variety of functions. If you’re the sort of person who finds themselves at home in the sportin...Read more

The Benefits of Being Able to Learn and Study At Your Own Pace


Juggling work, play, education, family, friends, leisure, and a thousand other competing factors can make life pretty tricky. In fact, it can make it hard to have a life at all. Being able to pace things as they come, and when you have time to do them, ca...Read more

How Upskilling Can Help You Find Your Dream Job in the Hospitality Industry

ICI UK - Find Your Dream Job in the Hospitality Industry

As a member of the hospitality industry, you know that every day can be hard work. Luckily, you’re rewarded for this work with the wonderful customer and guest interactions you have, not to mention the friendships with your colleagues. The hospitality i...Read more