The Benefits Of Getting Qualifications and Diplomas

ICI UK - Benefits Of Getting Qualifications
If the idea of a life with no limitations excites you, it’s time to start thinking about getting qualified. Educating yourself sets no bounds to your career options.

Once upon a time, employers were relied upon to improve the performance of their employees. These days, the responsibility lies on you. You must take ownership of your upskilling to ensure you stand a chance at the positions you want within your field.

The problem is that most people don’t have the time, money or energy to complete a masters degree each time they want to learn something new. So, your best option is to turn to certificates and diplomas.

The benefits of certificates and diplomas

If you’ve already got a job, kids to pick up from school, sporting and social commitments – or you simply don’t have the inclination to spend every day in the classroom, certificates and diplomas are a no-brainer. Structured for nine-to-five employees and stay-at-home parents, certificates and diplomas are time-savers that offer you the qualification you need to become a great candidate for a position you’re chasing.

Certificate classes are often structured with one class for six to eight weeks, depending on the course. You could have your qualification in just a few short months.

Diploma programs require a little more time and effort than certificates but are still a far more time-efficient option compared with going to university. A diploma program will usually have a series of classes that you’re required to pass, with the expectation that you complete all the necessary work within twelve to eighteen months.
The rate at which you can gain a qualification is an obvious reason for choosing a certificate or diploma, but there are other benefits too.

Short-term benefits of choosing a certificate or diploma

1. Keeping your piggy bank happy

UK tuition fees are frequently a source of controversy, with rising prices in recent years. For domestic students, English universities can charge up to £9,250 per year for an undergraduate degree. On the other hand, certificates and diplomas generally don’t come with huge price tags. Complete one in a good amount of time and your current employer may even compensate you for it!

At the International Career Institute UK, studying and succeeding is at a price you can afford. Everything you need to complete your course is included at no extra cost and you can choose between an upfront payment or a 10% deposit followed by weekly or monthly instalments.

2. Flexibility

Because diploma and certificate programs are designed around the working professional, there are often a range of study options. Some classes may be held in the evening, or on weekends. Others may be held online, so you can go at your own pace.

3. Future proofing

If there’s talk around the workplace that redundancies are coming, who do you think your employer will get rid of? The person with outdated skills who shows no initiative, or the person choosing to enhance their knowledge with further study? Each time you study something new, you show your employer you’re worth having around. Upskilling proves your determination and willingness to learn, as well as your passion and enthusiasm for the industry. This will offer you a level of protection against redundancy.

Long-term benefits include of choosing a certificate or diploma

1. Increasing your job opportunities

If finding a new job sounds better than holding onto your current job, upskilling increases your potential employment prospects. An extensive set of skills makes you a valuable asset for employers. The more qualifications you have, the greater bargaining power you have. Qualifications open you up to more varied and interesting work, making it possible for you to explore and pursue areas that may not have been possible before.

2. Networking

Sometimes, it’s not about who you know, but who knows you that will help you climb the ladder. With this in mind, think about who you’ll be networking with. Get to know the others in your course and be a beacon of knowledge when doing projects and discussing the material. These people may just remember you for it and could be your ticket to something great later down the track.

3. Discovering new passions

When you place yourself in a situation where you open yourself up to new skills and knowledge, you may be surprised with what you find. The challenge and experience of something new could ignite a passion you never knew existed. You could end up on a completely different path, or one that’s filled with a lot more joy than you thought possible.

4. Greater earning power

People with higher education qualifications tend to earn more. By having a certificate or diploma under your belt, you could potentially earn 50% more than if you were employed based on a GCSE or equivalent level of education.

Expanding your possibilities

Qualifications help expand possibilities and keep your skills up-to-date. Specialised studies are always a big tick, but basic skill classes open up doors by showing you’re passionate about learning.
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Gladys is the Associate Director of Admissions & Student Services with over 10 years of experience at the International Career Institute.