Why You Should Study to Become a Life Coach


Have you ever heard about life coaching? Have you ever considered taking up a course in life coaching? A course in life coaching can help you learn the skills to coach others through various aspects of their lives. Whether it’s to help others achieve success in their career, relationships or family life, studying a course in life coaching, and eventually becoming a life coach, means you can help others to achieve their dreams. Although being a life coach and helping others is a major benefit of being a life coach, there are plenty of other positive reasons to consider studying to become a life coach.

1. Help to lead others

One thing to remember, is that life coaching isn’t counselling, psychotherapy or even telling people how to live their lives. Like a coach of a sports team, life coaching involves merely guiding a person to grow themselves and find their own way through their life and their situations. You’d be surprised at how often people will see a life coach and feel like they’ve done all the talking and the life coach has barely said two words! As a life coach, you’ll be able to help lead others through some often difficult and complicated times.

2. Help boost confidence

Often, people will know what decisions they want to make in life, but are too scared or feel like they can’t go through with it. If you study to become a life coach, you’ll be able to help instill confidence into others and help them to realise they’re more than capable of going through with the actions they most desire. Seeing others become confident in their own abilities is a truly rewarding experience.

3. Lend an ear

Sometimes people just need someone to listen to them. Often, people don’t have anyone that will listen to them without trying to tell them what to do. Of course, many people feel as though they’re helping by giving others advice, but it’s not always the most helpful option. We often get the most help by having a person hear our concerns whilst we talk about them more and discover a solution for ourselves. This is where a life coach helps immensely. As a life coach, you’ll be able to help people make decisions and plan action, simply by being a great listener.

4. Work anywhere

Because you can run your own business as a life coach, you can work and live almost anywhere you please. Depending on how you decide to run your business, you may even be able to provide consultations online, which opens the scope of clients available to you immensely – you could live anywhere in the world and still provide life coaching to a client on the other side of the world. Because it is quite a flexible career choice, it’s a good option for those who move around alot for other commitments.

5. Help others to relax

When people are stressed, tension usually builds up in the neck, shoulders, chest, pelvis and back. Some people also grind their teeth and clench their jaw or fists. As a life coach, you may decide to incorporate relaxation techniques such as meditation to help others see that their pent up stress and anxieties are causing them physical discomfort. Once a client discovers just how stressed they are, you’ll be helping them move towards a path of relaxation, gaining a clearer mind to focus on the issues in their life that are causing them tension and pain.

6. Earn while you learn

There are plenty of online study options, so there is the flexibility to be able to study while you continue to work. You have the option to study in the evening and work your current job during the day. Upon completion, you can then set up your own life coaching business. Because it is a flexible and easy to set up business, there is also the potential to continue working your current career until you gain enough clients to leave your role, ensuring you can maintain the amount of income you need each week.

7. Help others discover their life’s purpose

Finding your purpose in life can sometimes be difficult. At some point in one’s life, you may be faced with the question “What is the point of life?” or “Why am I here?”. While these are incredibly tough questions to answer, as a life coach you may be able to help people discover their life’s purpose. In fact, your own life purpose might be to do just that! Through providing the appropriate support, you’ll be able to help others achieve the things they want most in life.

Study life coaching

Not many people can say they have this many benefits in their current role or career. A career in life coaching is certainly not for everyone, but for those it does suit, you’re likely to be presented with a wide range of benefits. Becoming a life coach doesn’t have to be hard and your qualification can even be obtained through distance education whilst remaining in your current career. Being a life coach certainly has many benefits and you will be rewarded through helping others.

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Gladys is the Associate Director of Admissions & Student Services with over 10 years of experience at the International Career Institute.